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MyNozom is the most powerful mobile reporting app designed specially for retailers.

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The reports that fit your needs.

MyNozom is mainly a mobile reporting system that helps you manage your stores remotely and on the go you're gonna find a variety of reports that help you see the image clear From point of sales reports, all the way to stock, items and accounting reports.

“The reports are so powerful that I barely need to use the back office app”
Settling your shifts was not easier than that...

With myNozom you can settle the shifts with every employee, see which point of sales are working with their details about the employee and cash.

Pay and receive payments on the go...

With myNozom you can make your daily transactions for all accounts using your phone, just with a tap. receiving payments and paying to your suppliers was never that easy

“with the app, I can do my payments anywhere on the system. this is charming!”

all what you need in the palm of your hand

All what you need in one place, smaller than your hand. Now you can manage your bussiness, while driving, having a coffee, or chilling at home. What are you waiting for? order myNozom now!

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Reporting system
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Cloud Connected

Here's how we do things differently

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Easier access
You can manage almost anything related to your system without accessing the back office which makes your access easier.
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Multiple features
MyNozom packs all the features you need to manage your bussiness remotely.

People are diggin’ it

Since the release of MyNozom and all the users are fully satisfied with the experience that they're having with the app. Fits all the needs of our users and more!

You can grab it right now

If you have any El Nozom Retail management solution, you can get myNozom Right now! Just request a demo and one of our specialists will show you how wonderful myNozom is...