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our solution has a high integeration potential, with our other solutions, or other market solutions.

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All the tools you need to simplify your business management process are available

All the reports you need in one solution

El Nozom RMS includes all the reports you need to keep your business running smoothly. Covering all departments, Purchases, sales, stock, inventory, and advanced Accounting.


A solution that keeps everything in it's place.

Our solution provides good data organization, and receives varaity of data categories, such as detailed Items data, categorization, and accounts organizing.


All the accounting tools you'd think about are here.

Our RMS provides you with a set of advanced accounting tools. any accounting tool you're searching for exists right over here.

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Those are some frequently asked questions about our solutions features and specs.
Pretty powerful, our main reports are in the MCS App, which is the stock control solution Some other reports such as POS reports and GL Reports are available but in other modules such as Backoffice and MCS-GL, here is a breif about our basic reports :

Items reports: Main Items details, Items prices over a period, Short codes for items, Cashier deleted items, bad selling items, last added items to system, non used items, items that have a selling price lower than buying price, Items with no transactions, Suppliers discounts, Items groups profit, Items transactions.

Balances reports: All stock balances detailed report, Suppliers balances, Fast stock balance editor, initial balance report, other units balance, Inventories balances.

Items transactions reports: Items transferes between inventories and branches, branch transferes from an inventory, All Transactions documents reporter, items turnover report, daily inventory transactions, daily inventory transactions - total, items groups returned orders, Syncronization documents report, stock shortage, inventories summary.

Discounts and promotions reports: Items with discounts transactions report, Promotions dashboard module.

Sales and flow reports: Top selling items report, Receipts details by delivery drivers, Sales by customers in an interval, sales during an interval, total inventory sales, consumption average report, bad selling items detailed report, bad selling items by a percentage, net items groups sales, sales to a supplier, sales by agent report, settlements by an agent, hourly sales, in receipt discounts report, sales costs within a period, Deivery and credit card sales, sales based on customers location, Customer loyalty system reports.

Purchases reports: total purchases within a period, purchases analysis by items, purchases analysis by suppliers, net items groups purchases, discounts and bonuses on purchases, profitability, demand limit reports, purchase orders report, purchase orders by day, suppliers transactions within a period, supplier's contracting, sales tax reports.

Accounting reports: cashflow report, final accounts report, trial balance for accounts, trial balances for accounts by period, Daily report, expenses reports, monthly expenses analysis, sales analysis, profit analysis, general expenses analysis, Account statement, detailed account statement, bills profit, total bills profit, accounts main details, total customers sales, total purchases from suppliers, the financial center, trade profit, inital balances report, total customers and suppliers balances, trial balances within a period, accounts transactions reports, bills settlement report, shortage and overs of Cashiers, general suppliers balances analysis, non-active customers.
All the transactions that you need are right over here.
purchases transactions: purchase document, returned purchase, reverse purchase document (deletion settlement), reverse returned purchase (deletion settlement).

Sales transactions: Sales document, Sales to a supplier, returned sales, reverse sales document (deletion settlement) , reverse returned sales (deletion settlement).

Stock transferes: receive a transfere, send a transfere, reverse receiving document (deletion settlement) , reverse sending document (deletion settlement).

Stocktaking transactions: Stocktaking sessions, stocktaking documents, stocktaking transactions report, stock hot-edit.

Accounts transcations: Suppliers contracting transactions, closing financial year , payment request for customers, payment request for suppliers, transfering money between safes.

Banks transactions: receiving a cheque, giving a cheque, Deposit and withdraw cash, Bank transfer, cheques wallet, printing detailed cheques wallet, banking expenses, receiving new cheque books, deleted cheques report, non-used cheques report, given cheques that get withdrawed over a period, searching for a cheque.

Daily transactions: credit card payment, cash payments, sending a transfer, receiving a transfere, Taxes transactions, credit inital balance, debit initial balance, discounts.

Variant transactions: Stock inital balance, direct sales, distributing invoices over drivers, reverse initial balance document (deletion settlement), reverse direct sales document (deletion settlement), manufacturing in&out, purchase order, sales order, work order, preparing products, preparing products with damage cost, manufacturing batch.
Of course, Our retail solutions were built based on our customers experience stories and requirements beside our planing and engineering, if you have a custom module that you need to build or have an idea just contact us and we're ready to make it come true!
Ofcourse, 24/7 Technical support. first 6 months completely cost free, after then you can Subscribe to one of our support plans which are flexable and pretty affordable, or you can just use the session by session support system.
The pricing differs from a purchase to another, based on the Package you choose, devices count, extra products, etc, but what we're sure about is that we have packages that fit all customers and scales, and that our solutions are insanely affordable.
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