We aim to digitalize everything

in El Nozom labs we create new technologies that help retailers digitalize their whole process and turn it to a seemless process which requires no effort to manage!


What we’re about

Our main goal is to design and develop solutions for retailers to make their business management easier. Since our CLI based programs till our web and mobile apps which are powered by BI this was our main goal, Making a stable, premium, and easy to use retail solutions.

Our Story

We are El Nozom. An Egyptian software company established in 1993. El Nozom develops best in class retail software to meet their consumer's expectations and needs.

As seen in...

Kyan company logo
“Finding a system that can meet the hard requirements of managing 12 branches was quiet hard, but with El Nozom we found the perfect retail management solution that can manage the markets perfectly, and can also centralize our work and link all the branches thanks to Cloud-Connected for making this possible.”
Goldline company logo
“We've never seen a solution that's intended for the use of beauty centers in the Egyptian market till we met El Nozom. They introduced us to the first Retail solution that's tailored specially for the beauty salons and centers in Egypt. This solution covered all what we needed to run our salons efficiently.”
Aven company logo
“The business of selling vegetables and fruits to the end consumer requires speed in the process. El Nozom was the first system to be seen connecting to the weighting scales directly and selling our products over one step, which boosted our performance. We've been selling tons using their solution. ”

You’re in good company

Since 1993 and our solutions were used in large scale businesses and ran efficiently with high satisfaction from our customers. Over 1500 places trusted our solutions, and now it's your turn!
  • Ahmed&Abdou
  • Safty Stationary
  • Wave
  • Ragab sons
  • Halal Market